Music & Dance: It is said that when music and dance combine together it  purifies the soul, so when we talk about tranquility and peace, one important element that helps the local people achieving it is tapping on the tunes of their folk music that reflects great perseverance & good humor. An undeniably inseparable part of the Hiamchalis tradition, provides great consolation in a succinct manner. Song forms like laman of Kullu, Roopshu songs of the Chamba valley, Mohana of Bilaspur, Jhuri of Sirmaur, grounded to its roots the music has features of its own that captivates the locals & tourists around the globe.

Laman of Kullu is one form of the songs that are based on themes of love breaking the community barriers and which depicts the passionate love between a man and a woman. Originated in the Kullu valley, it is an imperative part of the culture life of these pahari people. Incepted thousands of years ago these songs derive their songs from daily life in which they are adept and particularly belong to in order to symbolize the emotion of love.

Other music genre of Himachal Pradesh has their own significance and comes with a story that is enriched in vibrant traditions & most importantly closely related to people in some way or the other.

Dance: People of Himachal Pradesh are known for their admiration of festivities and colors. To commemorate them folk dances are a part of this colorful state. Mythological epics like the Mahabharta & Ramayana plays an imperative role in the inception of these dances. There are distinctive categories of folk dances that are famous but the most popular dance of ‘Lahaul Spiti & Kinnaur’ is ‘Chham dance’ or Dance of devils ‘is thoroughly enjoyed by the tourists. Other categories of traditional dances are as follows:

Chhanak Cham: To pay their undying homage to Lord Buddha, the Lamas of Lahaul Spiti perform this form of dance once in three years on the festive occasion called as chakhar. Flamboyant in nature the attire that is adorned by these people comprises of quintessential headgear worn by the dancers. Apart from that the costume is made of golden, yellow & black material, embellished with exclusive patterns done in the patchwork. The musicians accompanying them wear the traditional dress of the Lamas & make people dance to the tunes of long pipes called as ‘Tangchim’ & Drums, known as ‘Ghhan.

Kullu Nati: One of the famous dances around the globe, this dance of Himachal Pradesh & Kullu Valley is performed during the festivals of Dusshehra & other fairs. Traditional dresses adorned by the Pahari people tap their way on musical instruments like Dhol, Nagara , Narsingha & Shehnai.

Lahauli Dance: Dancing to the tunes of Surna & Damman, popular tunes of Ladakh this particular genre in the Himachal Pradesh folk dance is admired the most due to its simple & graceful steps. With long embroidered border gowns & matching jackets this form of dance is a delight to watch.

Nati Dance: Other myriad varieties are Gaddi dance; Kinnauri nati and Shimla nati are famous dance forms of the Himachal Pradesh dance culture with its unique costumes and instrumental music to woo the hearts of people visiting this place and for their own entertainment.