Himachal Pradesh the ‘Land of Gods’ also known as the ‘Dev Bhoomi’ is eminent for its panoramic beauty and surrounded by the snow-clad mountains in Northern India that has abundance of natural beauty to quench your thirst for serendipity. With ‘Him’ meaning snow in Sanskrit this state is located in the lap of the Himalayas making it one of the most visited and admired state of India. Emerging as the 18th state of the Republic Of India, this princely state is embraced with mesmerizing rich cultural heritage, age old customs and traditions that holds the credibility of leaving tourists speechless once they visit this splendid state. With different dialect and languages Himachal Pradesh offers myriad varieties of languages which makes it the only state of people speaking in many languages. With simplicity, Himachal Pradesh reflects Unity in Diversity.

History of Himachal Pradesh

With a rich and an assorted History, Himachal Pradesh is segregated into sundry eras. Right from Pre & Proto History to post independence period the state was called the ‘Deva Bhoomi’. The Ancient roots monopolize the history of Himachal Pradesh that dates back from the Rigveda’s , Aryan’s influence, Mughals due to its natural serendipity and the British Raj. This is one state that has an influence of diverse culture and remains intact till date. All these eras embarked & laid a strong foundation of a new journey to this princely state of India.