One thing that distinguishes this state of snow-cap Mountains and divine beauty is the culture that throngs people from all around the world making it one of the most admired places in India. Enriched and plunged into diverse culture and tradition has embarked societal rituals, canvas of fine architecture, paintings & myriad other varieties which has retained the charm of this place. Half of the population in Himachal Pradesh largely depends on agriculture which is also a source of income for many household Himachalis living in villages and small towns. The people of Himachal Pradesh are very religious in nature thus leading to the inception of temples where people congregate and offer their prayers for everyone’s well being. Therefore the sincere modesty & Culture is what that segregates them from everyone else.

Language:   The Language spoken by the people of Himachal Pradesh vary on distance and the dialects changes every after few kilometers. The people are capable of speaking different languages. A cluster of many dialects language like kangri, kinnauri, Kumauni, keonthali, chaimbiali, churaghi, madeali, Kuluhi and myriad other dialects originated from the oldest language Pakrit and Sanskrit.   Well structured grammar and rich vocabulary described a state that is not only famous for its heritage and culture but also its languages that are well spoken by its people.   Besides this other verbal communication like Punjabi is also well –known in this voluptuous state.