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[paragraph extra=””]There is no dearth of pleasant surprises that welcome you when you step into Himachal. In fact,  each hamlet hidden in the remotest nook and corner of this land of natural abundance holds a great reservoir of excitement and fun.The Himalayas, fulfilling its promise, are a reservoir of immense amount of ‘Him’ in the forms of Ice, Fresh and Underground Water. And the seeping of this moisture originates a number of rivers, which flows through the land of Himachal, namely Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, Chenab and Yamuna. It is also the reason of dozens of lakes that covered Himachal Pradesh. [/paragraph]

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Himachal Network blog features opinion articles, analysis, discussion on politics, government, economy, current affair, social issues by top columnists in Himachal Pradesh .

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